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Pancake/Waffle Master Mix

Using whole grains has been a fun journey for me over the past two years.  I still have much to learn and try.  One of my most used grain mixes is what I call my “master mix”.  It is a mix of sprouted pastry wheat, buckwheat (sometimes sprouted), brown rice, millet, and arrowroot powder.   I add celtic sea salt, rapadura, and baking powder to make an easy mix for homemade pancakes and waffles.  All I have to do when I’m ready to make breakfast is add some liquid (milk/rice milk/almond milk and water), egg(s), and coconut oil to my master mix.  Here is how I prepare my master mix:

Step 1Sprouting Pastry Wheat Berries



– In the morning, fill a jar (I use 2 quart size) half full with pastry wheat. 

– Cover grain plus about an inch with water.

– Top with cheese cloth and ring lid.

– Let sit on counter for about 8 hours.









– In the evening, after pre-soak, drain water and remove cheese cloth top.

Sprouting the grain.

Sprouting the grain.

– Rince with water twice, shaking well, and using hand to stop grain from falling out.

– Fill with about 2 inches of water and replace cheese cloth and lid.

– Place on side with top hanging into sink to catch any drops over night.

– Rince every 7-8 hours for about 2-3 days (depending on climate), rotating jar every few hours.





– Size of sprouts should be about 1/4 – 1 inch long.

– Rinse very well 2-3 times.

– Drain all water from jar.

– Now they are ready to dehydrate.




Ready to dehydrate.

Ready to dehydrate.

– Line three ( more or less depending on how many sprouts you have ) cookie sheets with parchment paper.

– Pour sprouts out and evenly spread them onto parchment paper.

– Place in warm oven ( no hotter than 150 degrees ) for about 12 hours.  I put mine in before bed and they are usually dry in the morning.  If you are drying them during the day, you can stir them every few hours to spead up the process a bit.

– Sprouting is really much easier than it seems.  


Step 2Grinding the grain

– Grind the following all mixed together: 4-5 cups sprouted pastry wheat berries, 1 cup buckwheat, 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup millet (you can vary these amounts however you want).  I have a Nutramill, which I love, but I do have to “help” the grain through with my fingers due to the little sprouts holding things up a bit.  I just mix the grain a little if it starts to clog up.

Step 3: Mixing it all together

Add to your freshly ground flour mix ( for every 8 cups ) the following:

  • 1 cup arrowroot powder
  • 1/2 cup rapadura/sucanat
  • 7 T. baking powder
  • 4 t. salt
  • optional: 2 2/3 cup dry milk powder

– Mix all together well and store in freezer until needed. 

– For every cup of mix, add: one egg, 1 T. coconut oil, and enough liquid of your choice to make pancake/waffle batter ( I use half and half water and almond milk due to my husband’s lactose intolerence/dairy allergy ).