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Flax Seed/Chia Seed Binder: Egg Substitute



Flax seeds are something I’ve been using for a couple of years now for their high omega 3 content, but who would have thought that they can be made into a wonderful egg substitute?  I am so thankful for Lindsay’s post about this.  Flax seed binder has allowed me to make things that my 10 month old ( who shouldn’t have egg whites yet ) can eat!  Yah for flax seeds!  So, here is how easy it is to make:

  – Combine 1/4 cup ground flax seeds and 3/4 cup water in pan.        

  – Boil for 3 minutes ( stirring a couple times ).                                           

 That’s it!  Just let is cool and refigerate.  This gives you about 5 or 6 eggs worth.  Use about 1/8 cup ( 2 T. ) per needed egg.  Use within 2 weeks.  Have fun baking!

Update:  I recently read on Kimi’s site that flax seeds contain phytoestrogens, which means they shoud be used in moderation, especially for pregnant women.  Kimi also mentions that chia seeds work as an egg substitute similar to flax seeds.  I look forward to learning more about chia seeds in the future.

2 thoughts on “Flax Seed/Chia Seed Binder: Egg Substitute

  1. I am surprised to read your assertion that your ten-month old shouldn’t have (well, I guess that baby is 3 or 4 now!) egg white. My daughter is now 30. Around eight months, her pediatrician advised me to begin feeding her a scrambled egg. He had me introduce one food at a time so I could see what she was allergic to. My baby was most definitely allergic to something in eggs. I did not use organic free-range eggs in 1983 — few did! so she may have rejected a chemical that had been fed to the chicken, not eggs.

    I know everyone, including pediatricians, have widely varying beliefs – about babies and everythiing. But your statement that a ten month old is too young for an egg white — and what the heck is wrong with egg yolk? Surely your ten month old did not have cholesterol issues? — that seems like hokum, unfounded in science.

    Now if you are a vegan, I get the no egg for babies but if you fed that baby meat, dairy and fish, at least eventually, the no egg white at ten months seems odd.

    • Thanks for your thoughtfulness. Our family has struggled with multiple allergies in the past, though thanks to the GAPS diet and by God’s grace we are experiencing healing from most of them now. We are not vegan. We have just chosen to be careful what foods we consume and when, to help all of our guts heal. I didn’t intend to give the idea that all 10 month old babies should avoid egg whites, just that my 10 month old at the time was. Sorry for the confusion on that. Have a blessed day!

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