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On Fireweed and Campfires . . . saturated with His love.

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fireweedFire-weed is all over the place these days.  Yahweh’s creation amazes me as does His perfect timing for all things.  First came the bright pink wild roses mixed with various yellow and white flowers . . . then as their peddles fell the bright pink fire-weed began to bloom with a whole new set of yellow and white flowers, including one of my personal favorites, the daisy.  It’s been said that once the tops of the fire-weed bloom, summer’s end is near.  All Creation speaks to His perfection, even though we live in a fallen world . . . His timing is still perfect.  The daily struggle of not being able to do all the things I have a mind to do often forces me back to my Father’s heart to find rest in the fact that His way is not burdensome and on His path there is a time for each beautiful thought to blossom into reality.  And there I am also given fresh vision and passion for what matters most in life . . . being in Him and blessing my husband, children, and others with His love.

camp fire kids

Children playing in the remnants of the Creation Day Camp campfire.

This past week we were blessed to have a Creation Day Camp for the neighborhood children here at my brother’s home where we live.  Kip built a campfire as part of the Day Camp activities and our children had the joy of playing in the leftover ashes later that day.  They were completely covered with black by the time they were called in for baths.  As I looked back on the pictures I took, the word “saturated” kept coming to mind . . . . all time is best spent saturated by the love and presence of our Creator.  My greatest desire for our children is that they will be so saturated by the love of Yahshua when they are young that when they are grown, He will remain their first love.

Caleb and fireweedOur oldest son, Caleb, is only 6 years old and yet he is already 6 years old!   Soon he will be a young man.   Time is so precious, too precious to not give it all to the Him . . . to be saturated by His love with every thought, every word, every deed.  The fire-weed is still blooming and the campfire remains are still on the ground out back, but this moment is gone . . . by His grace this blog will bless others with His love and the moments to come for me will be filled with loving my family.  May you find peace and rest as you remember that the Creator of all loves you deeply and His time for all things is perfectly beautiful.

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