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The Iditarod!

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Today our family was able to experience the Iditarod from the re-start of the race in Willow, Alaska.  It was an amazing experience!  What an incredible journey lies ahead for two of Kip’s cousins, Cim and Ramey Smyth.  They have both competed in the Iditarod many times and last year placed 5th and 9th.  We just missed Cim’s start today, but were able to see Ramey take off.  The boys get very cold, but I’m so glad we were blessed to be a part of such an great event.



Ramey Smyth

Iditarod crop 2

One thought on “The Iditarod!

  1. We ended up not going to the restart this year. We live close enough to just hop on the snowmachine and run up, but we ended up staying home.
    Ramey used to live right across from us, but they moved to the family homestead last year :o)

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