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Smyth Cabin Update . . . Nov. 4th.


IMG_0492 Fall is fleeting, winter is coming, and we are so excited at the thought of getting into our cabin!  Thank you to all who have given so generously to help make that possible!!  We are looking forward to having Papa Keena with us to help out for two whole weeks and are busy gathering supplies that we will need for while he is here.

The water tank tower is done!

The water tank tower is done!

Along with completing our water tank tower (I know, it’s not very pretty), Kip and a friend were able to get most of the insulation under our cabin put in (the rest will go in after the plumbing it complete).  Now to figure out a way to get a 1500 gallon tank up on top of the tower . . . any ideas?

Morning sunrise . . . breathtaking!

Morning sunrise . . . breathtaking!

Thanks again to all who have prayed for us, given to us, and shared our story with others!  Yahweh is giving us our dream . . . to Him be the glory!


Kip, Carrie, and Children    ><>

2 thoughts on “Smyth Cabin Update . . . Nov. 4th.

  1. The water tower base looks like part of a castle! Castle’s are awesome! Praying with you guys for support and favor.

    • Thank you brother. I can sort of see the “part of a castle” . . . but it’s a stretch. Praying for you and your family as well. God is good! All the time.

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