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Smyth cabin update . . . Nov. 12th

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The tank is up!  The tank is up!  Just three strong, inventive men and it was up in less than an hour.  We are so looking forward to gravity fed water coming into our cabin.  We hope to have the gutters up by the end of this week so that we can begin catching water if the predicted storm rolls in.



The bathroom is coming together.  The tub shower is in place and partially plumbed and the tile is purchased and ready to go down on the floor.  We are so thankful to have Papa Keena here.  Thank you Papa for all your hard work!  We love you!!



The interior walls are almost all framed up.  We just ordered some more wall boards today, hopefully enough to get all the lower areas covered.  We were also able to purchase more sealer for the wood floors once they go down.

The laundry area ready to put tile down.

The laundry area is ready for the tile to go down.

We are waiting on funds for misc. water catchment/plumbing supplies, for all our cold storage needs (freezer chest, ice box, and root cellar), for some organizers (kitchen hutch, pantry selves, etc.), and for materials to make custom small bunk beds for our children.  We are so blessed to have gotten this far due to the prayers and support of so many. Thank you again and again!  Please continue to share our story . . . we are hopeful.


Kip, Carrie, and children    ><>

One thought on “Smyth cabin update . . . Nov. 12th

  1. Sooo good to see progress, even when I’m working @ Home Depot

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