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Our First Class Is Up On Patreon!


Setting up our Patreon site over the past couple of months has been a bit like planting seeds.  You never know for sure if the efforts you put forth will bring about life.  You simply put the seeds into the dark soil and hope that they will sprout and grow.  It takes FAITH to plant seeds.

Patreon has been a step of faith for us.  We are not as “huge” on Youtube as others in the family homestead creators category.  But we actually like that we are still small enough to keep up with comments and interact with our viewers.   Patreon really isn’t the best platform for classes either,  but it is the best that we can do at this point.  So, we are pleased to share our very first Mini Class Series: Parenting, over on Patreon.

As a mama of 6, living in an unfinished home, on an unfinished homestead, I have been too busy, working too hard, for too long, much as I don’t like to admit it.  My parenting skills have been put to the test!  Perhaps our Patreon efforts will one day “sprout” into something that gives this mama a little relief and others a reason to hope when there seems to be none.  We hope that you will take a moment to see what we have to offer on Patreon.

“To SLOW is to

truly live,

so take a breath

and try living.” 

For those who aren’t interested in parenting, there are more classes in the works on topics like marriage, gardening, homeschooling, natural health, and more.  We look forward to seeing what sprouts!


Carrie and Family





4 thoughts on “Our First Class Is Up On Patreon!

  1. Hey you guys. Let me know if you need seeds. I have lots to share.

  2. I am so glad I found your YouTube channel. I was one of 9 kids. My husband and I have a little 4 acres farm and we want to get so we can grow more and more for a garden. I have a two year old little man who loves to be outside and help me in the garden. I would love to talk to you sometime as I feel we have a lot in common. Dory

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