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Catching Up: Summer 2015 – Spring 2016

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It has been so long since we last gave an update of the homestead progress.  There is little time for much else but the necessary daily tasks, so we’ll let pictures be worth thousands of words, to make the most of this blog time for you, the reader, and us.  Much love and blessings to all our friends and family afar off . . . we think of you often.

Summer 2015 at the creek.

Summer 2015 at the creek.

IMG_0693 (1)

A beautiful place to cool off.


Our first time getting the pasture hayed thanks to a kind neighbor.

IMG_0732 (1)

“Lucy Goose”, a stay neighbor goose hatched out some ducklings for us last summer.

IMG_0745 (1)

A sampling of last summer’s harvest.


Joshua in his garden on his 10th birthday last August.


Joseph turned two years old last September!


Mom and Papa Keena came for a much enjoyed visit last fall.


2015 fall family picture on the pasture. Check out that beard! It’s a little more “orderly” now that Kip is back to work full time off the homestead.


Esther turned five years old last December and has been mama’s kitchen helper ever since. Such a blessing!


Not much snow last winter, but enough to have a little fun anyway.

IMG_0879 (1)

Finally the eggs started coming in again this spring . . . so wonderful to have two dozen eggs a day!


Our stray puppy, “Daisy,” had her first litter of 11 puppies.


Nathan celebrated eight years in March!


The first spring flowers of this year.


Some early spring harvest from the kitchen garden.


The beginning of our first swale system. That was a fun and busy day!


Spot, one of the favorite puppies . . . and our strong littlest man.


This time, “Peace”, hatched out the ducklings. Don’t know if our ducks will ever hatch their own.


Caleb crossed over into young man-hood this April, not your typical “teenager”.


We are so thankful for the abundance of strawberries we’ve been getting everyday!


The kitchen garden is giving us fresh treats daily . . . one of our favorite places to be.


The chickens are finally safe in their own paddock, soon to be the main crop garden.


Spring rains have been filling the swale!


The pond is filling up as well, helping to keep the ducks and geese safe at home.


Last, but not least, the root cellar foundation is in . . . such a relief!



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